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Listed Buildings & Conservation areas

If you live in a listed building, renovation and draught proofing of your single glazed windows requires no local authority approval. However replacement of any windows or upgrading to double glazing will require a listed building application to be submitted to the local authority for approval prior to any work being undertaken

Listed Building Applications

We are working together with a chartered architect to see your listed building application through the various stages of listed building consent.

The process will normally require researching the history of the building, photographs of the buildings and windows and a report on the condition of the existing windows.

Architectural drawings may be required as well as all the technical specification of any glazing to be used, astrigal widths, window profiles, materials and window construction methods.

The application process can take between 6 – 8 weeks and although a positive outcome to your application  is not guaranteed with his professional experience and advice, your application is more likely to be successful.

As our company offers all the services for sash and case windows – full renovation, replacement sashes only, double glazed sashes into existing casements as well as complete replacement, we have no interest in pursuing any particular aspect and will offer genuine practical advice based on your situation and the condition of your existing windows.

Conservation Areas

For properties located in conservation areas the restrictions on alterations to your windows are not so strict. As a general rule, the main issue is that timber sash and case windows are retained. We will be happy to advise.


We machine and manufacture all our windows from batons directly from the saw mill, so each sash window is genuinely bespoke, we will always replicate original mouldings and styles wherever possible, and the traditional construction method of using the hand-cut haunched mortise and tenon joint ensures that the windows last.