Our Products – Heavy Duty Pulley Wheels

Our Products – Heavy Duty Pulley Wheels

The original design of sash window pulley wheels was very basic: the wheel is mounted on an axis and the axis passes through the 2 sides of the pulley body. Eventually the axle hole becomes elongated and you get start to get a knocking  sound from the wheel as the windows are lifted up and down, until the wheel eventually fails.

Some of the cheaper pulley wheels on the market utilise nylon wheels or brass plating but they are not suitable for heavy use.

These newly designed pulley wheels are made from a much thicker grade of brass and steel and they have sealed ball bearing races to ensure smooth operation. The superior construction and strength means they can easily handle the additional strains caused by the extra weight of double glazing.

If the pulley wheels are running smoothly, there is a lot less strain on the ropes, meaning ropes will last much longer as well as a hugely improved sliding action for your sashes.

We fit ESC Brass heavy duty pulley wheels on all our refurbishments and replacement windows.

We’re so confident about the quality of these, that we offer a lifetime guarantee on these wheels.


11 December, 2017