Our Products – Simplex Hinge

Our Products – Simplex Hinge

The simplex hinge is a critical part of the simplex (easy clean) system. The hinges carry all the weight of the lower sash when it is swung open.

Single glazing is thicker and heavier now than it was originally, and double glazing is at least twice the weight of the original glass, so one area of concern for us had been the thickness of the brass used on the hinges. Really thick leaf hinges were simply not available. We instructed a manufacturer to make up a hinge with a thicker leaf and hardened steel washers, based on the traditional design and dimensions and the end result is excellent. The above picture was a prototype from October 2012.

These are now fitted as standard on all of our sash window projects involving the simplex system.

These are available in 3 finishes, polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome. From our online shop:


11 December, 2017