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Upgrading sash windows to double glazing

Upgrading sash windows to double glazing

If you are considering improving the energy efficiency of your property by fitting double glazed sash and case windows into your property, it is often not necessary to replace the complete window. If you already have traditional timber sash and case windows and your existing casement is in reasonable condition, we can manufacture new double glazed sashes to match your existing sashes and install these into the existing box (case).

This means there is no need to remove panelling and shuttering and offers considerable savings over complete replacement. The case is carefully renovated, the external pointing is renewed, and the windows are fully draught proofed. Click on the Grange Terrace case study for complete information on the process including before and after gallery.


Q. Can I install double glazed sash windows in my period property?

A. For listed buildings the answer is usually yes, but with a few hoops to jump through.
For most other properties it is not a problem. For listed buildings a listed building application form will be required to be submitted along with drawings, photos and a condition report. We work with a chartered architect who specialises in the listed building process who can help you with your application if required. A phone call to the local planning authority will clarify your listed status.